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3 Bundle Plus 1

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Buy BUNDLE of 3 and you get 1 product FREE

Coconut Cream – Purifying Cleanser

Radiant Light – Hydrating Serum

Pep Me Up - Smoother Lines Moisturiser

GET FREE Intensive C – Nutrient Moisturiser

WH 02 Coconut-Cream Purifying Cleanser. 50g -$ 51.00

WH 04 Radiant-Light Replenishing Serum. 50g -$ 69.00

WH 05 Pep Me Up Smoother Lines Moisturiser. 50g -$ 86.00

WH 07 Intensive-C Nutrient Moisturiser. 50 - Worth $77 FREE

Instructions and Directions:

Use Coconut Cream as a cleanser, then apply Radiant Light Serum as a hydrator, then add Pep me up as your daily moisturiser. Intensive C is a deep nutrient moisturiser for day or night.

See each product listed in the shop for more details.